Gluten free wedding advice

Gluten free wedding advice

As many of us are coeliac or choose to be gluten-free nowadays we must really consider everything we are going to eat and Why? Would a wedding be any different. So, let’s discuss how to achieve a gluten-free wedding if you are on a gluten-free diet and how to cater for gluten-free guests by having a gluten-free day for everyone you can relax a little more. Or you can always have a mixed menu to suit everyone either gluten-free or not.

Many wedding venues are clued up about gluten-free diets due to the large amount of catering they do. Never just assume that there is a gluten-free menu available always check with your venue that they can cater for this. Venues quite often offer a menu tasting, this is where you will be able to decide if you can trust your venue with a gluten-free menu.

If your venue is limited in choice with gluten-free options and you really want this, then discuss the option of bringing in outside caterers to ensure you have food you want to eat on your big day. This can be done by using alternatives like food trucks, fish and chips, BBQs or afternoon tea.

Going for naturally gluten-free dishes on your menu will always make things simpler and more cost effective, rather than using substitutes for bread, pastry, pasta, and cakes. Think about fresh local produce, vegetables, rice, meat, fish, and potatoes. For pudding you can have naturally gluten-free options which are totally delicious too. Pancakes (with alternative flour), panna cotta, rice pudding, crème brulee, ice cream, mousse and almond based bakes can all work fabulously.

Just be careful that with a buffet you run the risk of contamination so please do always separate the gluten-free options and ensure different utensils are at hand.


This is where many people forget to check as many drinks have hidden gluten ingredients in them. So do double check the drinks menu and ingredients with your venue/supplier and think about alternatives like cider, wine, or cocktails instead of beer.


Who doesn’t love a slice of cake and yes gluten-free cake can be just as tasty. When shopping for a gluten-free wedding cake you really have to research a baker who is used to baking them and who will allow you to sample before booking once you are happy with the taste, then who is to say you can’t serve gluten-free to everyone at your wedding after all if it tastes so good who would be able to tell the difference, or you could have a separate gluten-free cake for yourself with the wedding cake being on display for everyone to enjoy.

Some couples with gluten-free preferences choose to have a cake made from cheese, which is naturally gluten-free and extremely more popular now than ever before.


Why not have gluten-free canapes with a selection of cheese, cured meats, chutney, nuts, apple slices, crackers & gluten-free sausages and all this can be presented so beautifully!


A great option for gluten-free starters is a rice based dish, a fragrant truffle risotto, topped with fresh parsley and parmesan shavings. These days you can find truffle infused oils at almost any supermarket so get creative this is delish!

So, you see you really can have a gluten-free wedding if you want.

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