What is a Wedding Gift Registry?

What is a Wedding Gift Registry?

When I was younger this was called a Wedding List and it was traditionally done by the Bride/Groom choosing a store to register their wedding list with, what is a Wedding List/Registry?

Well, let me tell you in simple form what it is, a wedding registry is an online catalogue of all the items you and your partner would like in your life as newlyweds. It is your opportunity to take stock of what you already own and select the items you want, need, or hope to upgrade to. But here is the best part?
The chosen items will be wedding gifts from your family and friends.

After creating your online wedding registry, you then would add the link to your wedding website. By doing this, you can share it with loved ones, many of whom will appreciate having insight into the gifts you would like instead of purchasing random ones. When gifts from your wedding registry items are purchased, they’re displayed as ‘unavailable’ so you don’t receive duplicates. This is a proven age-old tradition that I think should never be forgotten and you should definitely take advantage of.

Some would say it is just convenience, which Yes, it is but there are other benefits of creating a wedding registry wish list:

It’s fun! By choosing items together you and your partner can begin to envisage what newlywed life will be like by choosing what you need to enjoy that life.

Guests will be grateful for the list. So many guests want to be the first to see the list as they have been relieved of the task of choosing a gift for you, as this can be a very stressful task for many especially those guests who aren’t so close to you. Now that there is no guesswork in gifting you and your partner it reduces the chance of receiving duplicate gifts — a win-win for all. Have a look at our To-Do list tips to help you decide what you want/need.

To do list tips…

1. What you/we need

This is where things get exciting, you and your partner must have a thought about where you would like to start with your registry list, think about both want/need or even that upgrade to something new, for example, a new coffee machine or those beautiful new bed sheets you have been eyeing up, so from there you create your list………have fun.

2. Planning is key

Always give yourself plenty of time to choose the items you want/need. By starting early, you are giving your friends and family the chance to shower you both with gifts at any point. This means you can manage your wedding registry over an extended period of time.

3. You can register for more than stuff……

Even though your wedding registry is the perfect opportunity to upgrade all your household items and make your home more comfortable for married life together, you can also choose to use your register for experiences, this is where guests can gift you an activity/ experience. Some couples also choose to register for cash so they can use it for their honeymoon.

4. Get inspiration from friends and family

We are all surrounded by family and friends who have gotten married and many of them may also have created a wedding registry, ask their advice on their preferred registry sites, and of course more importantly was the gifts they registered for really necessary, or indeed did they leave something out they wished they hadn’t…. a personal dos and don’ts to registry gifts if you will.

5. Register for gifts in multiple price ranges

This is so important as you have must allow your guest options when choosing your gifts. This is a win -win for everyone as it means they can select a gift they’re excited about gifting, but that’s also in a price range they’re comfortable with.

To further simplify your wedding registry, check out our Top 15 gifts to register for, and remember to have fun choosing for your new life together.

  1. Mixers
  2. Blenders
  3. Food Processors
  4. Toasters
  5. Microwave Ovens
  6. Toasters and Ovens
  7. Coffee Makers
  8. Cookware Sets
  9. Knife Block Sets
  10. Dinnerware
  11. Cutlery
  12. Glassware
  13. Bed Linen/ Sheets
  14. Towels
  15. Vacuums
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